Flickr Removes Facebook Sign-In Option

I received an email from Flickr today informing me that I will no longer be able to use Facebook or Google IDs to sign into their services. Joke’s on them. I don’t use Flickr and I have no idea why I have an account there. I don’t matter.

According to one stat, 92 Million people do and it seems really counter intuitive to me. A service, Yahoo, that wants to be seen as social, and sociable is removing its social options without providing any benefit to their users.

Seriously, this is the email.

Flickr Removes Facebook Sign-In Option

There’s no mention nor hint of what the hell makes this any better. Just a corporate douchecanoe telling me that the transition requires my understanding.

Earlier this year there was this:

“Yahoo is continually working on improving the user experience,” the company said in a statement, noting that the new process “will allow us to offer the best personalized experience to everyone”.

The source for load here.

This sounds to me like change for the sake of change. Or just maybe …

You know that kid in middle school, probably called Joey, who pulled stupid stunt after stupid stunt after stupid stunt until one day he pulled the wrong stupid stunt and ended up in the morgue? Or in prison? Or both?

Years later (maybe 2) it dawned upon the rest of the class that Joey was just starved for attention, hence the stupid stunts. Hence the morgue.

Later that year, a select few came to an even higher revelation – it’s not the stunt that killed Joey, it’s the irrelevancy.

And that’s just the handful of people who remember Joey at all.

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